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Styling & Advice 

When should you go for styling advice by Jeanette Philipse?

Jeanette Philipse offers several options of advice, one of which is styling advice.

If you are someone who is enjoying jobs around the house, who is having a vision of the do’s and don’ts,

but who is clueless on where to start exactly then styling advice, might just be the right choice for you.

Complete styling

When should you go for complete styling?

You just moved or you just finished the renovation of your house and you are having the desire to redecorate and restyle your living room or maybe even the entire house.

In that case Jeanette Philipse offers several and diverse options.

When we kick off with the complete restyling of your house, an hourly rate is applied. Every wish and every house is different. Due to this the time needed to realize the restyling cannot be set to a given

amount. Nevertheless we will only act by mutual agreement, in order to grant you a suiting proposition,

Jeanette Philipse will visit you to discuss your wishes and have a look at the rooms that are to be restyled. Within a week, the proposition will be sent, including all the aspects discussed and if necessary the expenses that come with it.


When should you go for restyling?

When you have chosen to do a restyling, Jeanette Philipse will pay you a visit and she will start working with the furniture and other attributes that are already present in your house. Jeanette Philipse

has her own style in decorating brocante. Would you like to have Jeanette’s touch applied to your decoration? Then this is the right time for you!

By restyling, Jeannette Philipse can bring a warm and appealing atmosphere to your living room, entire house or other rooms that are agreed on. Wishes are transferred to reality. Relocating furniture, beautiful decorations, maybe some additions or even just a

slight adjustment in lightning can give a house a whole new appearance without the purchase of new attributes.

Weddings & events

You have come to the right place as well to style your wedding or another event; Jeanette Philipse can make it happen.

Have you always dreamt of a fairytale wedding with beautifully laid tables, gorgeous Victorian decorations, flowers and whatever more your heart desirers? Jeanette Philipse is pleased to make your dreams come true!

In fact, everything is possible depending on the time granted. In the end your wedding should be one of the most wonderful days of your life.

Christmas styling

Nowadays there is a tendency towards Christmas styling in the Netherlands. Jeaneatte Philipse is well-skilled in antique

Christmas decorations and has a lot of experience with decorating houses for Christmas. She is fond of things like antique Christmast tree adornments and feather trees. She would like to share that

passion with you!


An indication of the expenses can be found below.

Styling advice/consult per 3 hours:                                                                                                                145,- excl. VAT

Restyling of your brocante interior with optional addition of new items / per part of the day:             175,- excl. VAT

Complete styling / based on the hourly rate in the proposition

Wedding or event / based on the hourly rate in the proposition

Christmas styling / hourly rate

Rates per part of the day 09:00 AM till 01:00 PM or 12:00 midday till 04:00 PM:                                       175,- excl. VAT

Hourly rate                                                                                                                                                         50,- excl. VAT

Outside a range of 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Groesbeek we charge a compensation of 0,25

eurocents per kilometer (1.6 miles).