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Styling & Advice

Recently settled in a new place to call home or maybe just looking for a new interior and brocante caught your interest? In that case, you have come to the right place.


Jeanette Philipse is a Dutch stylist breathing brocante. It all started as a little girl with trips to France. Accompanied by her parents she has visited beautiful authentic French manors and went after every little treasure that caught her eye. All she had seen during her youth and the years after, regarding brocante, evolved to sheer passion, knowledge and expertise about antique brocante objects, as well as shabby brocante


The feeling and passion for brocante cannot be obtained from a book or be taken to heart by education, it has to be a natural touch! Jeanette Philipse is a real, so called, autodidact: learning by experience, visitations, travelling and most of all by doing. All this adds up to Jeanette Philipse, a

loving brocante stylist with her own special, specific and distinguishing style!

Jeanette Philipse has collaborated with several magazines. Her work can be found in ‘Ariadne at home’, ‘Margriet’, ‘JD Living’, ‘Seasons’, ‘Liefde voor Brocante’, ‘Libelle’ and many more. Inside as well as outside the Netherland they know where Jeanette Philipse can be found.

Would you like to find Jeanette Philipse at your doorstep to restyle your house or just to get a single consult with useful advice in order to get started restyling by yourself? Please hit the contact button,

it’s strictly non-commital and we will make sure you get a quick response! You can also contact us regarding weddings, parties or other events. All options are open!

NEW: Every Thursday afternoon from 13:00 to 15:00, you are welcome at JANN Conceptstore for free styling advice from Jeanette Philipse!